March 28, 2015

Three years ago, we set out to create an open, independent cyber security platform. We believed that the web needed an improved TCP/UPD filter.

We’re proud of the product we built, but even more so, we’re grateful for the community of readers that made it grow. At every turn, your feedback shaped Bot Revolt’s development, and your passion signaled a new chapter for cyber security. Thank you for helping.

Bot Revolt’s story ends here. Many challenges in the world of cyber security have shifted to mobile devices which are controlled by manufactures. For this, we’re deeply sorry. We considered every option before making the difficult decision to end the product that brought us together.

As of today, it is no longer possible to purchase Bot Revolt.

Thank you for the time and attention you’ve contributed to this community. It has been a privilege to learn together, and we look forward to meeting again.