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*That's 125 new threats we block from your computer each hour!


Seeing is Believing

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It also monitors program installation, registry & file changes, keyboard & mouse control, and other potentially dangerous behaviors. Click here to see how

Bot Revolt shows all of your computers connections in real-time, and it blocks illegal and harmful connections every .002 seconds!

It also works with your current anti-virus software. Bot Revolt is an extra layer of security for your computer.

Do you know all of the connections your computer is making?

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Unlike other companies, we are U.S. based meaning you will be speaking with our team in Florida, USA.
Every time you contact us, we create a Support ticket.
These tickets are available to you for later reference, so you don't need to worry about forgetting some details.

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Already have an anti-virus?

Great! So do we.
However, Bot Revolt protects your PC in ways anti-viruses fall short.
Bot Revolt stops viruses and malware before they attack.
You simply install it and Bot Revolt does the rest.


What makes us different?

The power is in the list! Bot Revolt gets stronger every day. In fact, we use a blocklist of over 1 billion bad IP addresses, and we add:


And the list updates automatically!

Revolters say it best: